The Woody Tailor Shop is a store found in Dark Cloud 2. This shop is located in Sindain's future, the Jurak Mall.

It has its small importance in the Chapter 2, because you're obliged to restore at least this shop in order to continue the story. In fact, the player will need to visit this shop once, to buy the Himarra Badge for Monica so she can transform herself into monsters.

This shop mainly sells clothes for Max and Monica, and items that are related to monsters.

Woody TailorEdit

  • Green Overalls : 500 Gildas
  • Red Vest : 500 Gildas
  • Denim Overalls : 500 Gildas
  • Pumpkin Shorts : 200 Gildas
  • Dark Coin : 1500 Gildas (Sells until Donny is recruited)
  • Indestructible Coin : 1500 Gildas (Sells until Donny is recruited)
  • Gift Capsule : 400 Gildas
  • Gold Paint : 1000 Gildas
  • Himarra Badge : 500 Gildas (Only sells one)

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