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Wild Cat

Cursed machine gun. Brings out the beast in its user.

— In-game description

The Wild Cat a ranged weapon that Maximilian can get in Dark Cloud 2. This weapon is only built up from the Star Breaker. Like the Star Breaker, this machine gun can damage faster than the normal guns, but its damage per shot is also reduced, so it's dangerous to fire in long periods, especially if the enemy is fast. You can find the Wild Cat in dungeons' chests, it can also be invented, or you'll be able to buy it from Gerald for 900 Gildas when you get to the Chapter 5. It's a medium-tier weapon (Tier 5) : it'll gain 4 Synthesis Points (SP) per level-up.

Inventing itEdit

In order to invent the Wild Cat, you'll need the following ideas:

  • Charging Ram (scoop)
  • Rifle
  • Work Equipment

Build upEdit

Minimum requirements for build up
Weapon Wild Cat (Start) to Sexy Panther
Attack 52 70
Flame 54 72
Cyclone 54 86
Smash 54 86
Beast 0 77
Scale 0 86


Type Min Max Type Min Max
Attack 52 109 Durable ? 73
Flame 54 110 Chill 0 110
Lightning 0 110 Cyclone 54 110
Smash 54 110 Exorcism 0 110
Beast 0 110 Scale 0 110
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