The Voice Unit is a miscellaneous part that can be equipped on the Ridepod.

Its in-game description reads : "Voice unit for Ridepod. Quite a chatterbox."

The Voice Unit is probably the most useless item available for Steve. It makes Steve speak random lines when traveling with him when in dungeons's floor levels, but unlike the first game he'll not say something pertinent when facing enemies.

The Voice Unit can only be bought from Cedric.

Obtaining the Voice UnitEdit

  • Buy the Voice Unit from Cedric in exchange of 1000 EXP

Turning the Voice Unit OffEdit

If you did buy the Voice Unit and want to turn it off because it annoys you in Dungeons, do the following :

  • Look for Steve's Core in your "Items" menu
  • Once found, hit the X button. It'll show up "Status" and "Voice On". Select "Voice Off" and it'll never function again.... unless you turn on again.

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