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The Vanguard is a monster encountered in Dark Cloud 2's Underground Channel. It makes its debut on the floor Steve's Battle, and resembles a large wooden robot with two sewer pipes on its side, and a Baron Balloon at the controls. It is the first wind-up monster encountered in the game, and the first non-boss monster to be designed to fight the Ridepod.

Battle TacticsEdit

This monster has three attacks, two of which can pierce through your guard: The first is where it tries to impale your character with both of its arms. This is attack is somewhat fast and will more than likely catch an unprepared or unfamiliar player off guard. The second is where it extends both of its arms and spins rapidly after your character. This attack can be blocked safely, so if you see it coming, don't hesitate to raise your defenses. The third, and probably the most annoying, attack is where it uses its arms like supports, lifts itself off of the ground and quickly slams back down, generating a small shockwave. This attack is easy to evade, but if you try to block it, you'll end up flat on your back. The reason this attack is annoying is because of the scoop associated with it: Baron's Hangin' On.

For all Vanguards, it is recommended that you gain access to a very powerful grenade-based gun, with a high flame and smash stat. Or, use the Ridepod with a strong ranged arm such as the Barrel Cannon or Nova Cannon.

The Vanguard is interesting because it will only move in to attack if the player gets close enough. You can attack this monster, even put the Vanguard into rage mode, but as long as you're far enough, he will not move to attack you. If you have a powerful gun, and a fair bit of patience, you can defeat these enemies with no problem at all. This applies to ALL the Vanguard variants as well as the Vanguard itself.

Monster NotesEdit

  • Habitat: Underground Channel
  • Type: Windup
  • Hit Points: 200
  • Attack/Defense: 13/5
  • ABS/Gilda: 16/14
  • Weakness: Flame (125%), Smash (125%)
  • Effective Weapons: None
  • Ineffective Weapons: Wrench (50%), Sword (10%), Gun (10%), Beam (50%), Magic (50%)
  • Item Inventory: Repair Powder, Power Crystal, Hunk of Copper


Monster QuotesEdit

  • "We can't let the humans run amuck anymore! We must stand up for peace in the sewers."
  • "Wipe that smile off your face! Get with it!"
  • "Well done, man. The Vanguard should be secure. Ha ha ha!"
  • "You know, "Vanguard" means pioneer. Oh, I see. So the monsters who invade the sewers are Vanguards."
  • "Unless the Balloon Baron sends his orders, we can't do anything."
  • "I'm old, and can't move like I used to."
  • "I'm usually pretty quiet. So I don't know what to say when people talk to me."

Scoop: Baron's Hangin' OnEdit

This monster can give you a scoop. To obtain it, take a photo at the moment the Vanguard performs its jumping attack (when it tries to make a ground wave by stomping on you with its "feet"). Note that this scoop can only be obtained from this variation of the Vanguard, and cannot be earned from any variation afterward.

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