The Turkey is a Spheda club and accessorily a melee weapon that Maximillian can have in Dark Cloud 2. It's one of the 5 Spheda clubs you can get through the game and it's main use is to play Spheda with it.

Its in-game description reads "Spheda putter. Good for short distances."

It has the wrenches's 5-hit combo, but, in general, the clubs are not suited for fighting in dungeons and as a low-tier weapon (Tier 3), it'll gain 3 Synthesis Points per level up.

You'll obtain the Turkey instead of the Swan if you let Monica fix the distortion for you in Barga's Valley, when you learn the basics of the Spheda. You can also buy the Turkey from Gerald for 460 Gildas when you get to the Chapter 4. You can also invent it.

Inventing itEdit

In order to invent the Turkey, you'll need the following ideas :

  • Special Peking Duck
  • Tree
  • Windmill Feather


Concerning the Spheda, as a putter, you can't shoot the sphere very far : the Turkey is better for short-distance shots. It also has decent room for error, and concerning the advanced swigs, It's okay in general, but it excels with the backspin, which is useful if you do not want to overshoot.

Build upEdit

The Turkey can only be built up into the Flamingo when it has the following stats: 29 in Attack, 18 in Cyclone and 9 in Beast.


Starting stats (when obtained, found, bought or invented)Edit

Weapon Hit Points 48 Synthesis Points 1
Attack 25 Durable 25
Flame 10 Chill 0
Lightning 0 Cyclone 10
Smash 0 Exorcism 0
Beast 0 Scale 0

Maximum statsEdit

Attack 45 Durable 44
Flame 45 Chill 45
Lightning 45 Cyclone 45
Smash 45 Exorcism 45
Beast 45 Scale 45

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