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The Triple Urn Pack is one of the Ridepod's Energy Packs available to it.

Its in-game description reads : "Energy pack made out of three urns."

The Triple Urn Pack is an improved version of the Energy Pack (Urn) and it is simply the best Energy Pack available to Steve giving him 300 Energy Points. Unfortunately it'll only become make-able when you reach the final chapter of the game when having to rebuild the garden, but it'll prove to be very useful when going in the bonus dungeon as monsters in it can easily deal high damage.

As usual, try to make it as soon as possible.

Inventing the Triple Urn PackEdit

You'll need the following ideas :

  • Flower Chandelier
  • Light of Luna Stone
  • Pot

In order to make it you'll need :


Capacity required 60
Energy Points 300

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