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Name Toan
Voice Actor Megumi Kubota
Age 16 - 17 
Hometown Norune Village
Appearances Dark Cloud
Family Renee (Mother) Aga (Father)
Weapons Swords
Other Abilities Fishing, Georama, Atla, World Movement and 2 special sword Techniques
Enemies Dark Genie, Fake Genie, Flagg
Status Alive

Toan is the main protagonist of the video game Dark Cloud and is the first of six party members. Toan is the wielder of a blue Atlamillia, and the chosen warrior of the Fairy King. Toan wears a green tasseled beret and has medium length brown hair with long sides.

He has large, brown eyes. He wears an orange poncho over a white tank-top, as well as a red sash, skinny black pants, brown boots and brown gloves. In addition, the satchel/pouch in which he carries his items can be seen on a brown buckled belt he wears around his waist.


Toan in the Fairy Realm
TingleLovahAdded by TingleLovah

Toan is proficient with knives, rapiers, daggers and swords.


  • Toan and Max (in the Japanese version of Dark Chronicle) share the same voice actress, who also played a few other Level-5 game characters, including Ruby.

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