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Toan (Name can be determined by player, though his canonical name is Toan), is the main protagonist of the video game Dark Cloud and is the first of six party members. Toan is the wielder of a blue Atlamillia, and the chosen warrior by the Fairy King . Toan wears a green tasseled beret and has medium length brown hair with long sides.

He has large, brown eyes. He wears an orange poncho over a white tank-top, as well as a red sash, skinny black pants, brown boots and brown gloves. In addition, the satchel/pouch in which he carries his items can be seen on a brown buckled belt he wears around his waist. Toan also has a special ability due to the fact he can open atla spread across the dungeon.


Toan is proficient with knives, rapiers, daggers and swords.


  • Toan and Max (in the Japanese version of Dark Chronicle) share the same voice actress, (Megumi Kubota ) who also played a few other Level-5 game characters, including Ruby .
  • In the 40th Issue of the 100% Percent Independant PSM magazine, Toan is referred to as "Toran".
  • Toan appeared on IGN's list of 20 DLC characters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Toan was also highly requested by fans of the series. [1]
  • Toan is often compared to Link in The Legend of Zelda series. This is because both characters have green hats, pointy ears, similar faces (Young Link in this case), fight using a sword, both have fairy companions (Toan being the Fairy King and Link being Navi), both are silent protagonists and both character's voices only being heard because of the grunts the respective characters make in combat. This could be linked backed to the concept of Dark Cloud being Sony's answer to Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series.
  • In the Japanese version Toan's attack is a vertical single swing attack much like Goro's while in the North American version he has a full horizontal combo ending with a vertical jump slash. The charged jump slash is the same however.




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