Throwing items are one-time use weapons in Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2 that can be used to deal damage to enemies at a distance without using a standard weapon. The most basic variants of these items are the bomb and the stone, both of which deal neutral (non-elemental) damage. Stronger versions of bombs simply deal more damage with a wider blast radius, while stronger versions of stones include extra elemental damage, making them more useful against enemies weak to a specific element. Lastly there are fruit items that will inflict an abnormal status on enemies, such as poison or gooey, as well as deal a minuscule amount of neutral damage; some fruit items also serve as bait or recovery items.

Throwing items' availability depends on their strength, as the stronger they are, the less likely you are to come across them. Treasure chests, stealing from monsters or drops from monsters are the most common place to find them, aside from shops that sell them. They can also be found in miracle chests and received from townspeople as a reward in Dark Cloud. The rarest items can also be received as a reward for completing Spheda, winning a Fishing Contest or Finny Frenzy competition, or simply by inventing them in Dark Cloud 2.

To use a throwing item, simply select it and place it in your active item slot. Once in-game, press squareButton Square to throw it, locking onto an enemy is advice to make an accurate throw. In Dark Cloud, holding squareButton Square while not locked onto an enemy can be used to pinpoint exactly where you want the item to be thrown, but will freeze you in place until you throw it.

Item dataEdit

Dark CloudEdit

Item Description Buy Sell
Bomb Throwing it at enemy makes it explode, causing major damage. 80 40
Stone Throwing it at enemy causes neutral damage. 2
Inferno Gem Stone w/burning power. Causes fire-based damage to enemy. 100 50
Blizzard Gem Stone w/freezing power. Causes ice-based damage to enemy. 100 50
Lightning Gem Stone w/electric power. Causes thunder-based damage. 100 50
Whirlwind Gem Stone w/wind power. Causes wind-based damage to enemy. 100 50
Sacred Gem Stone w/blessed power. Causes holy-based damage to enemy. 100 50
Throbbing Cherry Magical fruit that allows time to be stopped or advanced.
(Inflicts stop status.)
100 50
Gooey Peach Throwing it at enemy creates a gooey attack. 80 40
Bomb Nuts Hitting enemy w/ it make it explode and cause damage. 90 45
Poisonous Apple Poisonous Apple. Throw it at enemy for poisonous attack. 120 60

Dark Cloud 2Edit

Item Description Stats Buy Sell Carry
Bomb Causes great damage when thrown at an opponent. +2 Flame 200 50 20
Improved Bomb The old bomb, but now with a bigger explosion. +2 Flame 1000 150 20
Final Bomb Bomb with a wide explosive range. Difficult to make. +3 Flame 3600 800 10
Lightspeed Bomb that shoots lasers like fireworks. +2 Flame 50 10
Stone Causes non-elemental damage when thrown at an opponent. +2 Smash 10 5 20
Flame Stone Fire-filled stone. Causes fire damage when thrown. +2 Flame 80 40 20
Chill Stone Cold stone that causes chill damage when thrown. +2 Chill 80 40 20
Lightning Stone Lightning stone. Causes lightning damage when thrown. +2 Lightning 80 40 20
Wind Stone Wind-filled stone. Causes wind damage when thrown. +2 Cyclone 80 40 20
Holy Stone Holy stone. Causes holy damage when thrown. +2 Exorcism 80 40 20
Bomb Nut Explodes and causes great damage when thrown. +2 Flame 60 30 100
Poison Apple Poison apple. Poisons the enemy when thrown. None 60 30 100
Gooey Peach Makes the enemy gooey when thrown. +2 Beast 60 30 100
Heart-Throb Cherry Play tag to stop the enemy. Use from menu to cure stop. +2 Scale 60 30 100
Stone Berry Petrifies the enemy when thrown. +2 Smash 60 30 100
Holy Water Lifts curses. Causes heavy damage against the undead. +2 Exorcism 40 20 20
Gift Capsule Put an item inside as a present to a monster. None 400 200


Dark CloudEdit

Dark Cloud 2Edit

Items in the Dark Cloud series

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