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Suzy is a minor character in Dark Cloud she is a merchant working in Queens. Suzy runs a watery whose contents and name change depending on the name you choose in her Rewards Event.


Suzy is a redheaded girl with pigtails that stand out on both sides of her head. She wears round glasses and has a few freckles across her cheek. She wears merchant garments.


Suzy has a very bubbly and goofy personality, always being happy to see Toan when he comes by.  She is also dreamy and a true romantic at heart, often dreaming of finding her handsome beau at the water fountain of Queens.

The only thing in the game that seems to ruin her mood is the name of her shop... she doesn't think "Suzy's" sounds about right. Depending on what you choose, she may keep this name, or go to "Fighting Watery", "Freshen-up Watery", or "Magical Watery".

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