Suzy is a character in Dark Cloud. She is a merchant who resides in Queens. Suzy runs a Watery shop. The items she sells depend on the name she gives it, with Toan's help, during her Georama event.


Suzy is a redheaded girl with pigtails and glasses. She has a few freckles across her cheeks, and wears merchant garments.

Suzy has a very bubbly and goofy personality, and is always happy to see Toan. She is a true romantic at heart, often dreaming of finding her handsome beau at the water fountain of Queens.

Suzy's StoreEdit

Suzy doesn't think "Suzy's" sounds right, for a shop name. Given the choice, she may end up calling it "Suzy's," "Freshen Up Watery," "Magical Watery," "Fighting Watery."


Freshen Up WateryEdit

Magical WateryEdit

Fighting WateryEdit


  • The name of the Fighting Watery becomes "Warrior'sWashery" in the Georama interface.

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