Support Characters are an integral part of the Georama in Dark Cloud 2. They are NPCs (mostly from Palm Brinks) that can be recruited and relocated to populate and rebuild towns in the future, where Monica is from.

There are many people that can be recruited, and most of them will have a request that needs to be fulfilled before they will join. Some requests are easy to complete, such as Claire, who will join after showing her a picture of the Lafrecia Stem (or a Himarra). Mena will join after 10 rounds of Spheda has been won.

Support Characters and AbilitiesEdit

Character Abilities Notes
  • Gradually raises WHP of unequipped weapons
  • Will sell you fruit items
Aunt Polly
  • Makes Bread
  • Will sell you ingredients
  • Boost Item Acquisition when you defeat a monster
  • Ore Sales
After you reach Heim Rada, you can place Borneo in Georama.
  • Gives you Bonus Points with weapon/parts upgrades
  • Ridepod Parts Sales
After you reach Heim Rada, you can place Cedric in Georama.
  • Adds 2 to enemy's Rage Chip
  • Will sell you Gift Capsules
  • Always get an angel with coins
  • Will sell you hair ornaments for Monica
  • Opens locked doors
  • Opens locked treasure chests
  • Sells you repair items
Dr. Dell
  • Cures abnormal statuses
  • Will sell you Mighty Healing
After talking with Argo in Balance Valley, head back to Palm Brinks and talk to Dr Dell. After hearing about Lin, he will go with you to Balance Valley. Dr Dell is located in his clinic in Palm Brinks.
  • Makes bombs
  • Will sell you gunpowder
After you reach Heim Rada, you can place Erik in Georama.
  • Makes fishing bait
  • Will sell you fishing bait
  • Makes Premium Chicken
  • Will sell you recovery items
  • Gives you bonus points when upgrading guns
  • Will sell you guns
  • Gives you bonus attack points on plant monsters
  • Will sell you Georama parts
Granny Rosa
  • Makes cheese
  • Will sell you amulets
  • Bewitches (charms enemies within a certain range)
  • Will sell you armbands
Julia is the painting created by Parn using the Gold Paint. She will be recruited once you recruit Parn.
  • Gives you bonus points when upgrading armbands
Only available during the last half of Chapter 3
Mayor Need
  • Increase money after defeating enemies
  • Exchange medals
  • Cures (heals fully)
  • Will sell you clothes for Monica
  • Gives you bonus points when upgrading swords
  • Will sell you tools and swords
  • Support (Pumped Up)
  • Lure Sales
  • You can escape dungeons at any time
  • Will sell you paint
  • Detection (Map Display)
  • Detects Mimics
  • Detects Gate Key monsters
Priest Bruno
  • Revives you from death one time
  • Will sell you status recovery items
  • Gives you bonus damage on undead monsters
  • Will sell you elements
Sheriff Blinkhorn
  • Show me the Monster Notes.
  • Heals you automatically
  • Will sell you shoes for Max