Super Steve
Super Steve is a slingshot weapon for Xiao. It is the Ultimate form of Steve, another slingshot. It resembles a small man, with his arms forming the shape of the slingshot. Although rather weak, its most notable feature is that it can talk. While traversing the dungeons, Super Steve will frequently make humorous remarks about enemies, their weaknesses, etc, and strange observations about the other party members.

Super Steve is an upgrade to Steve in more ways than just its stats. In additation to improved stats, it also provides better information on encountered enemies.

Starting StatsEdit

Super Steve
Basic Stats Elemental Stats Anti-Monster Stats
Attack 50 Fire 0 Dragon 0 Beast 0
Endurance 65 Ice 0 Undead 35 Sky 0
Speed 77 Thunder 50 Marine 0 Metal 30
Magic 30 Wind 0 Rock 30 Mimic 20
Holy 50 Plant 0 Mage 35

Maximum Stats Edit

Attack: 130

Magic: 80

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