Stewart is a recruitable character in Dark Cloud 2 and works as Max and Gerald's butler alongside Adel. He is currently after a book at auction, but lacks the money. Perhaps if Max can lend him some money, 2000 Gildas, he will get his book and offer his services to work off his debt to him.

His in-game description reads : "Max's family butler."


Stewart is the archetypal butler, proper, respectful, and helpful to his employers.


Stewart wears a typical butler suit and sports a large mustache that matches his gray hair. He also wears spectacles.


  • Heals you automatically (Automatically heals three minutes into the floor.)
  • Will sell you shoes for Max

Stewart's ShoesEdit

  • Leather Shoes : 200 Gildas
  • Wing Shoes : 225 Gildas
  • Work Shoes : 210 Gildas
  • Dragon Shoes : 250 Gildas

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