Mysterious Talking Slingshot. Nobody knows its true color.

Steve is a type of slingshot weapon in Dark Cloud. It can be used by Xiao.

Steve can be obtained randomly from Dungeon Treasure chests. It resembles a small man, with arms forming the shape of the slingshot. Although rather weak, its most notable feature is that it can talk. Steve will frequently make humorous remarks about enemies and their weaknesses, and make strange observations about other party members.

Build UpEdit

Steve can be Built Up to Super Steve after gaining the following stats:

  • Attack: 50
  • Endurance: 65
  • Speed: 77
  • Magical Power: 30
  • Thunder: 50
  • Holy: 50
  • Anti-Undead: 35
  • Anti-metal: 30
  • Anti-Mage: 35

Super Steve's color changes slightly, and retains the ability to talk.


Basic Stats Elemental Stats Anti-Monster Stats
Attack 16 Fire 11 Dragon 0 Beast 0
Endurance 48 Ice 0 Undead 0 Sky 0
Speed 50 Thunder 0 Marine 0 Metal 0
Magic 0 Wind 0 Rock 30 Mimic 20
Holy 0 Plant 0 Mage 0

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