The Statue is a monster that appears in Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2. In makes its debut in the Divine Beast Cave and Ocean's Roar Cave, respectively.

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Battle TacticsEdit

Dark CloudEdit

Like Mimics, the Statue can easily wear a weapon down in the early stages of the game. It uses a long-range hammer weapon, so it is best to take them out from range. When this is not an option, take a shot, get out of range, and repeat.

Dark Cloud 2Edit

The Statue has three attacks: a fast horizontal swipe (non-piercing damage), a fast vertical slash that pierces defense, and a slow vertical slash (its most powerful attack). Hit-and-run tactics are the key to defeating this monster, as it is incredibly slow. Attack it using the Ridepod with ranged arms, such as the Nova Cannon, or use a wrench with high Smash to deal large damage.

Monster NotesEdit

Dark Cloud Statue Living Armor Living Armour
Habitat Divine Beast Cave Gallery of Time Demon Shaft

 (Holy Zone)

Type Stone Metal Metal
Hit Points 38 450 9500
ABS 3 6 35
Defend No No No
Weakness None None None
Steal Stone None Stone
Dark Cloud 2 Statue Living Armor Guardia Dark Keeper
Habitat Ocean's Roar Cave Mount Gundor (Star Path) Moonflower Palace Zelmite Mine
Type Magical Creature Magical Creature Magical Creature Magical Creature
Hit Points 350 560 920 8100
Attack/Defense 40/32 71/52 102/70 157/105
ABS/Gilda 50/57 112/114 184/82 400/101
Weakness Smash (250%) None Lightning (200%), Smash (200%) Smash (250%)
Effective Weapons Wrench (120%) None Wrench (120%) Wrench (120%)
Ineffective Weapons Sword (20%), Gun (20%), Beam (50%) None Sword (20%), Gun (20%), Beam (50%) Sword (20%), Gun (20%), Beam (50%)
Item Inventory Mimi, Destruction Crystal, Rough Rock Stone, Destruction Crystal, Rough Rock Carrot, Destruction Crystal, Rough Rock Stone, Destruction Crystal, Rough Rock


Dark CloudEdit

Dark Cloud 2Edit

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