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Spider Lady

The Spider Lady is a monster encountered in Dark Cloud 2. As its name implies, it's a spider, but with an old woman's head, wielding a rod. It's notable for being able to heal itself.

For quotes, see Monster Quotes.

Battle TacticsEdit

The Spider Lady and its variations are not that difficult to kill. It has two attacks: a ranged and a melee attack. It can throw a purple magical blast at the player. This attack can be tranquilly blocked, because it has a high starting-lag. At close range, the Spider Lady will strike the player with its rod. This attack is a little faster but the player shouldn't have any trouble blocking and countering it.

It's also good to notice that this monster can heal itself. It won't restore much health but it can cause trouble, especially if there's already a monster attacking you. Any weapon will kill the Spider Lady, but Monica's sword is best, especially with a high Beast stat.

Monster NotesEdit

Dark Cloud 2 Spider Lady Shiva Spider Lady Bambamchoo
Habitat Rainbow Butterfly Wood Ocean's Roar Cave Zelmite Mine Zelmite Mine Depths
Type Darkling Darkling Darkling Darkling
Hit Points 95 250 4800 10100
Attack/Defense 15/5 43/25 137/95 172/115
ABS/Gilda 14/15 50/57 240/150 500/130
Weakness Chill (200%), Beast (150%) Lightning (200%), Beast (150%) Chill (200%), Beast (150%) Flame (200%), Beast (150%)
Effective Weapons None None None None
Ineffective Weapons Wrench (70%) Wrench (70%) Wrench (70%) Wrench (70%)
Item Inventory Gooey Peach, Protector Crystal, Thunder Element Gooey Peach, Protector Crystal, Thunder Element Gooey Peach, Protector Crystal, Thunder Element Gooey Peach, Protector Crystal, Thunder Element

Variation GalleryEdit

Additional ImagesEdit

Monsters in Dark Cloud 2

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