Slingshots refer to the class of weapons in Dark Cloud. They can be used by Xiao. Slingshots use pellets to attack, and can be fired at a faster rate than Rings, but are incapable of charging attacks. The closer one is to the target, the more damage they will deal. Also, it is the only class of weapon capable of speaking, as seen in Steve.

Weapon ChartEdit

The following table displays the minimum stat values needed for weapon Build Up.
WHp. (Weapon Hit Points) and Abs. (Absorption) are not included, since they are not stats required for weapon Build Up.

Abbreviations used:

At - Attack
Ed - Endurance
Sp - Speed
Mp - Magical Power
Fi - Fire
Ic - Ice
Th - Thunder
Wi - Wind
Ho - Holy
Dr - Anti-Dragon
Un - Anti-Undead
Ma - Anti-Marine
Ro - Anti-Rock
Pl - Anti-Plant
Be - Anti-Beast
Sk - Anti-Sky
Me - Anti-metal
Mi - Anti-mimic
Mg - Anti-Mage
Weapon At Ed Sp Mp Fi Ic Th Wi Ho Dr Un Ma Ro Pl Be Sk Me Mi Mg
Wooden Slingshot440400000000000008000
Steel Slingshot1440430000000005005500
Bandit Slingshot303848000012005000012005
Bone Slingshot8205800000001200005000
Double Impact405060000000008000120012
Divine Beast Title607080182000200300100205028000
Dragon's Y556065102000002502002000000
Angel Shooter99606550204004002540202020000500
Super Steve506577300050050035030000302035
Angel Gear15050709940503050605780005691200

Base WeaponEdit

Rank 2 WeaponsEdit

Rank 3 WeaponsEdit

Rank 4 WeaponsEdit

Rank 5 WeaponsEdit

Final WeaponsEdit

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