The Sindain Station is one of the station where the Blackstone One will stop through its journey. As its name implies, it's the station of Sindain, which is not very far from it.


When you first come in, you'll notice that some giant rocks blocks the railroad so the Blackstone One has to stop.

It's a very simple place, because the town and the dungeons are near this place. There's also a Savepoint located near the path leading to the dungeon.

This station is also where your first support characters will be. They'll be standing near the train, or near the giant rock that blocks the railroad.


Max and Monica

Max accepting Monica's request

  • When you first arrive in the station, the train will stop, and Cedric will come out of the train, seeing that their path is blocked by some huge rock. Monica will say then that's has things to do here, in the Spirit Forest, before noticing that this forest doesn't look the same as in her time. Another part of Max's letter is given then : "Monica came from the future. She came to this time to do something very important. That's what she told me. Normally you wouldn't believe time travel was possible. It's crazy but it's the beginning of our unbelievable adventure. The real surprises where still ahead of us..." Then an explanation is given about the origin points, before speaking about Griffon's alterations with the origin points. Then she says that someone has to stop him before requesting Max's help to fight Griffon. He hesitates a bit, but finally accepts. Another part of Max's letter is given : "And with that. Monica joined my adventure. An adventure, to take back the true past, the true history that had been stolen by Emperor Griffon."
Locations in the Dark Cloud series

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