Sindain (named Sharot in the Japanese version) is the first town visited by the Blackstone One in Dark Cloud 2. It is the location that is primarily featured in the second chapter of the game. Sindain is inhabitited by a tribe known as the Firbits. After Max rescues the missing tribe members from the love spell of Mardan Garayan in the Fish Monster Swamp, he is introduced to the Carpenterion and subsequently the Georama system. 


Sindain is primarily featured in the second chapter, the Resurrection of the Great Elder. It is here that Max and Monica meet the Firbit tribe. Max and Monica listen to the Firbit's story of Holly, and her famed Potato Pie. This leads Max to believe it may be his mother and causes the duo to help the Firbit's search for her in the Rainbow Butterfly Wood .

Once Max and Monica are introduced to the Carpenterion and the Georama system, they are able to rebuild the origin point of the Jurak Mall, therefore allowing the story to progress. Once introduced to the system, Max and Monica become able to recruit characters; This allows Max and Monica to move people into the houses built by the Carpenterion, have access to the personal shops of each character, and add a third (non-selectable) character to the party. The third character gives the group boosts based on their individual abilities and is visible when travelling to or from the future using the Atlamillia or Ixion

Things to doEdit

  • Help the Firbits with their search for Holly 
  • Rebuild Sindain to restore  Elder Jurak
  • Learn the basics of Fishing
  • Learn the basics of recruiting characters.


Seeing as Sindain in the first town the Georama is available, completing the town is a relatively simple task.

Things to noteEdit

  • You don't need to complete the conditions as they're listed in this page : you can begin with any condition, but some of them are interconnected into each other. If that's the case "(Georama achievement)" is written next to the interconnected condition
  • When you first open the Georama Menu and if you check the Georama conditions, only the conditions concerning Culture Points will be always visible. The others need to be revealed via Geostones
  • There are numerous ways to complete a Georama because of the liberty given to the player, so only Georama achievements and Conditions will be written here. Georama Conditions are very explicit, and should not be hard to understand.

About Sindain's GeoramaEdit

When beginning Sindain's Georama, there'll be some things scattered around the map, and most of them just reduce the available space for building. The scattered things are the followings :

It's advised to remove the Rocks, the Logs and Grasses in order to obtain materials by breaking them, just leave the Thorn Trees and the Firbits' House where they are. If everything was done correctly, you should now have 3620 Polyn remaining instead of 2990 Polyn and more space to build on.

Even if you have not completed any Georama conditions yet, there'll still be a Fruit of Eden and a Potato Pie in Sindain's Future. Be sure to grab them as soon as possible.

Georama Completion ListEdit

Sindain Requirements
Georama Achievement Sub Conditions % Completion
Forest Lake restored
  • 15 River parts placed
Chapter 2 Reward : Doing so will make a Fruit of Eden appear in Sindain's future. A Witch Parfait will also appear, but Noise in the Forest must have been completed to make it appear.
Glowing Mushrooms restored
  • Elder Jurak revived (Georama achievement)
  • 10 Trees placed
Chapter 2 Reward : When Elder Jurak revived is completed, a small chest will appear in the Future near the newly created mushrooms, open it to obtain 4 Wind Crystal.
Withered Tree restored
  • Nose Tree between Eye Trees
  • Nose and Eye Trees near River
Chapter 2 Reward : Doing so will unlock 4 rewards in Sindain's Future but in order to collect them, you must have beaten a specific floor level :
Elder Jurak revived
  • Withered Tree restored (Georama achievement)
  • Forest Lake restored (Georama condition)
  • Gordon resides in Sindain
Tailor Shop restored
  • Elder Jurak revived (Georama achievement)
  • Adel resides in Sindain
  • 30 Culture Points obtained
Chapter 6 Reward : Doing this will make unlock two small chests but you must beat the following :

This achievement must be completed along with Weapon Shop restored and Golden Eggs restored to unlock 4 chests

Eatery restored
  • Elder Jurak revived (Georama achievement)
  • Aunt Polly resides in Sindain.
  • 40 Culture Points obtained
Chapter 2 Reward : Doing this, will make a small chest appear near the ladder next to the Tailor Shop, which leads to the newly created Mushroom Burger Eatery. Open it to obtain a Garnet.
Weapon Shop restored
  • Elder Jurak revived (Georama achievement)
  • Milane resides in Sindain
  • Elder Jurak's Branch restored (Georama achievement)
  • 50 Culture Points obtained
Chapter 6 Reward : Must be completed along with Tailor Shop restored and Golden Eggs restored to unlock 4 chests
Elder Jurak's Branch restored
  • 10 Trees placed (Nose and Eye Trees are inclued with the normal trees)
  • Fence around Firbits' house (15 Fences required)
Golden Eggs restored
  • Elder Jurak's Branch restored (Georama achievement)
  • Resident in Straw house
Chapter 6 Reward : This condition must be completed, along with Weapon Shop restored and Tailor Shop restored to unlock 4 Rewards. Once the 3 achievements are completed, 2 Fruits of Eden, a Amethyst and a Aquamarine will appear but Looking for the Earth Gem must be completed in order to make them appear in Sindain's future


When all the Georama conditions of a town are successfully fulfilled, you'll receive a reward. In Sindain's Georama, Jurak will give you a Jurak Gun for Max. This gun is considerably more powerful than the gun you currently have unless you've spent countless hours on it. The Jurak Gun starts out with a nice 42 in Attack, while the others stats are typical of a Tier 3 weapon. It shoots a laser instead of "bullets" so it'll be much more effective than the secondary weapon you currently have for Max.


All the shops are found in Sindain's future, in the Jurak Mall.


Rainbow Butterfly Wood


The pond around the Withered Jurak is one of the first accessible fishing spots in the game. This is the only place where a Negie can be caught. Other fishes in the pond include Piccoly, Niler, and Gummy.

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