The Silver Ball is a item that can be found in Dark Chronicle.

Its in-game description reads : "Ball made of silver."

This item is used in the Georama for making Georama items, but it's also used in order to invent items, mostly weapons.

The Silver Ball can also be used to increase weapons' stats, but considering it's bought price (200 Gildas per Silver Ball), it's better to use cheaper items in order to increase Lightning stats on your weapon, such as the Lightning Crystal, or the Scrap of Metal.

Like most materials, you can carry a maximum amount of 999 Silver Ball in your inventory.


Cost 1 Synthesis Point (SP)/Silver Ball
Add +2 Lightning/Silver Ball

Obtaining the Silver BallEdit

  • Find them in Dungeons' treasure chests
  • It's sometimes dropped from specific defeated monsters
  • Buy it from Conda
  • Buy it from Borneo

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