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Shipwreck is a dungeon in Dark Cloud. It is the dungeon for the town Queens. The Shipwreck was originally used as a storage for merchants, explaining the chests and such. The Shipwreck also has a dark history, as the Queen of Queens declared it her favorite ship. On her wedding day, her groom did not show up. She decided to show her pain by drowning herself. The people responded to her death by sinking her favorite ship. The player must use Rando's submarine to reach the dungeon. You need a Hook to get deeper in the dungeon. The floors in this dungeon are called decks, although in the US version they are called Layers. To reach the back floorsFlapping Fish are required. In this dungeon there are 18 floors/decks, one holding the Queen herself, which you need the Music Box Key to get to. The final deck actually isn't part of the ship but actually the church where La Saia and Rando were going to be married in.

Limited ZonesEdit

  • Deck 3 - Thirsty Quicker
  • Deck 5 - Xiao is the only available character on this floor.
  • Deck 10 - Thirsty Quicker
  • Deck 11- ABS decreased.
  • Deck 12 - Ruby is the only available character on this floor



  • It is stated that the ship sunk 100 years ago, it should have deteriorated long ago since it's a wooden ship.
  • Even though the ship sunk it's still in one piece from the inside.
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