Sewer Rat

The Sewer Rat is a monster encountered in Dark Cloud 2. It is what appears to be a human-sized rat with a rolling log tangled into its tail. It first appears in the first floor of The Underground Channel, making it one of the first monsters to face in the game. The Sewer Rat and its variations all carry an object by tail while fighting. The items are unexplainable at a cartoon-like level, as the items include an anchor, and a giant fork.

For quotes, see Monster Quotes.

Battle TacticsEdit

The Sewer Rat and its variations are generally quite easy to defeat. Both of its attacks have no piercing ability, but are executed quickly. The attacks this monster uses are both short-ranged melee attacks. Its main attack is a 360 horizontal swipe with its tail. This attack has a longer range than the other as well as a 180 degree area of effect, for the cost of being slower and easier to identify. The second is a simple headbutt, being almost instant, but having nearly zero range and has a much smaller 30 degree area of effect.

Monica's swords gain higher attack against this monster and its variations. It also has a lot of weaknesses in terms of attributes; four attributes do higher damage, with Flame and Beast doing the highest damage. If you have a Sword with high Flame, Beast, Lightning and Scale stats, you have the ability to defeat this monster in seconds, even its later variations.

Monster NotesEdit

Dark Cloud 2 Sewer Rat Beach Rat Castle Eater Death Mouse
Habitat Underground Channel Ocean's Roar Cave Moon Flower Palace Zelmite Mine
Type Beast Beast Beast Beast
Hit Points 25 260 872 5500
Attack/Defense 7/0 40/29 96/64 142/92
ABS/Gilda 6/6 52/27 96/64 142/92
Weakness Flame (200%), Lightning (150%), Scale (150%), Beast (200%) Chill (200%), Lightning (125%), Beast (200%) Flame (200%) Flame (200%), Beast (200%)
Effective Weapons Sword (120%) Sword (120%) Sword (120%) Sword (120%)
Ineffective Weapons None None Wrench (80%), Gun (80%), Beam (80%) Wrench (80%), Gun (80%), Beam (80%)
Item Inventory Hunter Crystal, Rolling Log Hunter Crystal, Rolling Log Battan, Hunter Crystal Hunter Crystal

Variation GalleryEdit

Monsters in Dark Cloud 2

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