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Serpent Slicer

The Serpent Sword, also known as Serpent Slicer in Dark Cloud, is a sword that Toan can obtain in Dark Cloud and Monica can obtain in Dark Cloud 2. As its name says, it's very good at killing serpents or reptiles.

Dark CloudEdit

The Serpent Sword, obtained from Treant, is the only sword capable of slaying the legendary Killer Snake. Until this mission is complete, it will not break nor level up. Should an alternative weapon be used during the Killer Snake duel, the incorrect weapon will instead recoil and fail to penetrate the creature's outer skin, resulting in a duel failure.

Starting StatsEdit


Serpent Slicer
Basic Statistics Elemental Statistics Anti-Monster Statistics
Attack 22 Fire 0 Dragon 21 Beast 24
Endurance 48 Ice 0 Undead 0 Sky 23
Speed 60 Thunder 14 Marine 12 Metal 0
Magic 8 Wind 12 Rock 0 Mimic 0
Holy 0 Plant 23 Mage 0

Dark Cloud 2Edit

In-game description: "A sword bathed crimson in the lifeblood of snakes."

This is the sword that Lin (a.k.a Crest the Great Sage) gives to you when the Balance Valley georama is 100% complete. You can also find this sword in dungeon chests.

It's a medium-tier weapon (Tier 5), meaning it'll start with 2 Synthesis Points (SP) and gain 4 SP after every level-up.

This sword has a slow 5-hit combo and it has no special abilities when first obtained.

Build upEdit

The Serpent Slicer can be built up into the 7 Branch Sword if it reaches 80 in Attack and 45 in Flame, Chill, Smash, Exorcism and Beast.

Or It can also be built up into the Tsukikage if you reach the following stats: 80 in Attack and 90 in Lightning and Scale, or into the Sargatanas if you reach 81 in Attack, Chill and Smash and 72 in Scale.


Starting stats (When obtained or found):Edit

Weapon Hit Points 68 Synthesis Points 2
Attack 57 Durable 42
Flame 0 Chill 0
Lightning 55 Cyclone 0
Smash 0 Exorcism 0
Beast 0 Scale 55

Maximum stats:Edit



Durable 72
Flame 110 Chill 110
Lightning 110 Cyclone 110
Smash 110 Exorcism 110
Beast 110 Scale 110

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