ScrapofMetal Scrap of Metal
Gilda Cost 10
Spectumize 2 Lightning

Doesn't look too promising, but may be useful.

— In-game description

The Scrap of Metal is a crafting material in Dark Cloud 2.

This item is first used in the making of the Energy Pack for the Ridepod at the beginning of the game when you've just obtained the Camera. Apart from this, this item is also used for the Georama or is required to make items or weapons from the "Make" menu.

The Scrap of Metal is also the cheapest item available in the game : it only costs 10 Gildas.

Obtaining the Scrap of MetalEdit

  • Find it in Dungeons' treasure chests
  • Purchase it from the Morton's Sundries for 10 Gildas
  • Purchase it from Conda

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