Ro is a character in Dark Cloud. He is an old man who lives with Annie in Matataki Village. Unlike the other villagers, they do not wear any animal skins. Their house is essentially a giant mushroom.

Ro would like it placed with a nice view (i.e. on the Earth A or Earth B georama part), while Annie would like a second floor. Upon completion of their house, Ro attempts to retrieve a special item from upstairs, only to fall down. So Toan instead climbs up, and is rewarded with a Sun Dew. While it can be used as the back door key in Wise Owl Forest, it is also necessary for growing the Moon grass seed. If used, the player must find another in a dungeon chest.


  • Mushroom House
    • Torch
    • Sign
    • Second Floor
    • Balcony
    • Ro
    • Annie

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