Rando is a character in Dark Cloud. He is a merchant in Queens who survived the wrath of the Dark Genie.

Rando was secretly in love with the princess of Queens, La Saia. However, due to his social status of being a merchant and her royalty, they kept their relationship a secret affair, meeting only during the night. Eventually they arranged to get married, but Rando left La Saia alone at the altar and vanished. In her grief, La Saia sunk herself along with her ship.

Later when Toan defeats Saia, Rando explains that he used the Life Stone to make himself immortal, but the price was the thing that mattered most to him. Later realizing that immortality is nothing without La Saia's love for him, he breaks the orb, much to the chagrin of Joker, and passes on.

After Toan asks Yaya where the man La Saia used to love is, Rando will disappear from his store and a music box key is found at the counter. This key is needed to access the boss room in Shipwreck.

When Toan acquires this key, a flashback will occur explaining that Rando made a promise to La Saia, giving himself and La Saia a key and a music box respectively. Rando then promises that once they marry La Saia will be able to open the box to gain access to a secret message. This music box is found in the form of the exit to level 17 of Shipwreck.



  • Given that the japanese pronunciation of 'R' sounds like 'L', Rando's name ('L'ando) could actually depict the contrast with La Saia, whose name is reminiscent of the word "Sea."
  • After the battle with Ice Queen La Saia, Rando says "Toan" even if Toan's name was changed.

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