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Rainbow Butterfly Wood - Healing Fountain

Rainbow Butterfly Wood healing fountain.

Rainbow Butterfly Wood is the dungeon for the town of Sindain. It's also where Chapter 2: "Resurrection of the Great Elder" takes place and it consists of 15 floors. It is the first dungeon in which Geostones can be found, and Sindain is the first Georama encountered in the game. Within the forest lives the namesake Rainbow Butterfly, a friendly monster capable of taking a human form by the name of Holly.


This dungeon is slightly longer than the Underground Channel, but it's still a easy dungeon. The player will learn the basics of Fishing, but also discover the Georama, and how to recruit people.

In order to get to the next floor, you'll need a "Fairy Saw", item dropped by a defeated monster. If there're spider webs which are blocking your path you'll need a "Slash Branch" in order to get rid of them.

After the level Fish Monster Swamp, mimics will begin to appear in treasure chests.


It's also the first dungeon which contains Seals. Seals will prevent you from doing or using certain things, like not being able to use a certain character.

Here's the Seals that you'll encounter in this dungeon :

  • Red Seal : You can't use Max in the floor with the Red Seal until you defeat all the monsters.
  • Blue Seal : You are not allowed to use Monica in the floor with the Blue Seal until you defeat all the monsters.
  • White Seal : You can't restore your health or staus ailments by anyway (other than a fountain) until you defeat all the monsters in the floor with the White Seal.


Sindain will be the first place where Georama will be used. Entirely completing a Georama at 100% will give you rewards.


  • The Time Trials medals here are easier to obtain, considering you now have at least four minutes rather than two. You have more time now to search for a key or for the Mimics, as long as you know where to go. But you still do not have time to collect the ABS and Gilda and to open all the chests at the same time. It may be useful here to have Pau in your party.
  • For the Item-Only medals, it might be useful to throw Poison Apples at monsters and to follow with Bombnuts or Bombs. Erik's Improved Bombs can be useful too.
  • Getting the fishing medals can take from a very short to a very long time, given the random nature of fishing. Evy and Petite Fish are both moderately effective in catching long Gobblers in this area.
  • Spheda medals in this area are granted fewer hits than other dungeons; however, this is balanced by the fact that there are spaced trees where there would otherwise be walls in other dungeons. This is a mixed blessing, though, considering the tree-filled spaces are off course and will cost you your shot in the case it doesn't get all the way through the trees.


In this chapter, powerup items have to be obtained through the Georama when rebuilding Sindain. As Georama achievements are completed, small chests will appear in the future of the town you're working on. You can switch between Max's era and Monica's era by passing though the Red Time Gate in Max's era and Blue Time Gate while in the future.

For Sindain, there's 8 powerups to collect via Georama (see Sindain to see how to obtain them) : 4 Fruits of Eden, 2 Potato Pies and 2 Witch Parfaits. If all are collected and used, you should have those following stats for the 2 Characters :


  • Maximilian's Health = 64
  • Maximilian's Defense = 16


  • Monica's Health = 64
  • Monica's Defense = 16


The monsters present here are slightly more difficult than those from the Underground Channel but they shouldn't cause any trouble.

Regular PathEdit

Star PathEdit


  • During the first encounter with these monsters, it is possible to unlock Monica's Magic Absorb Blade ability for the first time.


  • Sometimes overgrown Wise Owl Forest backfloor entrances appear in the dungeon. The fact that they're overgrown (and often disconnected from a wall), lends evidence to Dark Cloud 2 being a sequel and not a prequel.

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