The Propeller Leg is a feet part that the Ridepod can equip.

Its in-game description reads : "Spins round and round and lifts you into the air."

The Propeller Leg is one of the most advanced feet for Steve, as it is much faster than the Roller Foot or Multi Feet. It proves to be very useful for beating Time Attack medals if you have some good weapons for the Ridepod.

However, this increased speed comes with a small drawback, as Steve is not longer on the ground, he'll slip and slide more, and turning him will be a little harder to do than with the Roller Feet for example. But with some little practice, you'll be able to easily control Steve in no time.

The Propeller Leg can be bought in Chapter 5, or it can be made one Chapter earlier.

Obtaining the Propeller LegEdit

  • Buy the Propeller Leg from G-Parts in exchange of 900 EXP when you get to the Chapter 5
  • Invent it (Chapter 4)

Inventing the Propeller LegEdit

You'll need the 3 following ideas :

  • Fan
  • Cart
  • Windmill Feather

In order to make it you'll need :


Cost 1 Synthesis Point (SP)
Add +2 Cyclone


Capacity required 35
Speed Very Good

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