Priest of Rama

The Priest of Rama is a monster encountered in Dark Cloud, known as Bishop Q, and in Dark Cloud 2. It makes its debut appearance in the Demon Shaft Thunder Zone, and in Starlight Canyon, respectively.

It looks like blue-purple voodoo bird with a large pair of arms and a strange head. It's also one of the few monsters that can heal itself and others.

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Battle TacticsEdit

Dark CloudEdit

The Bishop Q makes its debut in the Thunder Zone of the Demon Shaft and should pose little threat once its weakness is identified. Bishop Q mainly attacks by raising its hands and swinging them down, firing a bolt of energy of a random attribute towards the player. Bishop Q is especially weak to Holy attacks, which will inflict around twice as much damage as any other attribute.

Dark Cloud 2Edit

The Priest of Rama and its variations are one of the less difficult enemies to defeat. It has low attack power, and its attacks are quite simple to block or avoid, since the Priest of Rama hasn't got a great overall speed.

It attacks by using its two "hands". It has two ways of attacking. One is a downwards smack with both hands in a parallel direction downwards. This attack is safely blocked and easily countered, as the pain chance during the attack is at a normal 20%. The second attack is a collision of both hands in a horizontal manor, using its hands in fist form to squash the victim. This attack pierces defense, but is performed slower.

But you must mind the other ability of the Priest of Rama; this monster isn't as powerful for no reason. It has the capability to heal itself or other monsters nearby if damage has been dealt. This can be a big problem in some cases, as other more powerful monsters such as dragons will have slight health increases with this monster nearby. To defeat it, any weapon will do fine, but Monica's swords, combined with a good Beast or Cyclone attribute makes for the most efficient way of defeating this monster.


  • This monster can give you the scoop "Nice Massage". To obtain it, photograph the Priest of Rama when it does its massage (when its hand are in its back). It will do this at random times, so it is just a matter of waiting for the action.
  • In the Japanese version of Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle), the Priest of Rama is instead named the Priest of Canary. This indicates that the name change was made when the game was being translated. Talking to a Smiling Fairy will reference this name when he refers to the monster as "those canary priest guys".

Monster NotesEdit

Dark CloudEdit

Dark Cloud Bishop Q
Habitat Demon Shaft
Thunder Zone
Type ?
Hit Points ?
Defend Yes
Weakness Holy (?)
Steal ?

Dark Cloud 2Edit

Dark Cloud 2 Priest of Rama Sleeber Crow Priest Garuda
Habitat Starlight Canyon Starlight Canyon
Star Path
Moon Flower Palace Zelmite Mine
Type Beast Beast Beast Beast
Hit Points 150 730 895 10500
Attack/Defense 27/15 80/60 99/65 172/120
ABS/Gilda 30/22 80/147 178/135 500/99
Weakness Cyclone (200%)
Beast (200%)
Lightning (200%)
Beast (200%)
Flame (200%)
Beast (200%)
Chill (200%)
Beast (200%)
Effective Weapons None None None None
Ineffective Weapons Beam (50%) Beam (50%) None None
Item Inventory Cheese
Protector Crystal
Petite Fish
Protector Crystal
Protector Crystal
Protector Crystal

Variation GalleryEdit

Dark CloudEdit

Dark Cloud 2Edit

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