Power up items are consumables in Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2 that permanently raise a playable character's hit points, defense, or thirst meter, though the latter only applies to the first game. The Fruit of Eden and Gourd will also fully restore the health and thirst meter, respectively.

Power up items are incredibly valuable and are thus not available in stores or found in dungeons. They can only be found inside miracle chests in towns or in the future after progressing through the dungeons, or as gifts from inhabitants in Dark Cloud. The Shield Kit is a notable exception to this, as it can be bought from Cedric for 600 XP, a price which increases with 10% after each purchase.


Dark CloudEdit

There are not enough Fruit of Edens or Gourds to max out all characters' stats. 3 Fruit of Edens and 2 Gourds are missing to full complete every character. Each defense item can raise a characters defense by 5, 6, or 7. In order to achieve the highest defense, save before you use one and restart until the desired number is reached.

Item Description Effect Total
Fruit of Eden Incredibly delicious fruit. Increases max health value. Health +10 40
Gourd Increases max value of thirst meter. Thirst +1 40
Pocket Allows carrying of more items. Inventory +10 5
Fluffy Doughnut Toan's favorite. Increases Toan's defense. Defense +5, 6, or 7 9
Fish Candy Xiao's favorite. Increases Xiao's defense. 9
Grass Cake Goro's favorite. Increases Goro's defense. 8
Witch Parfait Ruby's favorite. Increases Ruby's defense. 5
Scorpion Jerky Ungaga's favorite. Increases Ungaga's defense. 3
Carrot Cookie Osmond's favorite, Increases Osmond's defense. 2
Character Statistics
Character Starting Health Max Health Starting Thirst Max Thirst Starting Defense Max Defense
Toan 70 170 3 10 3 66
Xiao 60 140 1 64
Goro 100 170 12 68
Ruby 90 140 23 58
Ungaga 110 180 38 59
Osmond 100 160 46 60

Dark Cloud 2Edit

Item Description Effect Total
Fruit of Eden Unbelievably tasty fruit. Increases your health limit. Health +8 54
Potato Pie Max's favorite treat. Increases defense. Defense +4 29
Witch Parfait Monica's favorite treat. Increases defense. 28
Shield Kit Attach this to body parts to raise defense. 21
Character Statistics
Character Starting Health Max Health Starting Defense Max Defense
Max 32 248 4 112
Monica 48 8
Ridepod 80 300 6 114


Dark CloudEdit

In Dark Cloud there is a Fruit of Eden and a Gourd that can be missed. In Matataki Village, there are three miracle chests in Treant's cave that if not opened before reviving him will be replaced with three more chests.

Dark Cloud 2Edit

In Dark Cloud 2 there are 2 out of 3 Fruit of Edens that can be missed in the beginning of Chapter 3, and must be collected as soon as Earth-Shaking Demon is completed. Additionally, there is a glitched Fruit of Eden in the far corner of the weapon shop platform that should be left alone until after Chapter 6.


Dark CloudEdit

Dark Cloud 2Edit

Items in the Dark Cloud series

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