Repair Powder (Dark Cloud 2)

Powders are usable items with a variety of effects, though primarily used to restore a weapon's WHP, in Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2. They can also be used to instantly escape a dungeon, automatically fill the ABS bar on a weapon, or revive a fallen character.

Exclusive to Dark Cloud is the Auto Repair Powder, which automatically repairs weapons when equipped to an active item slot, and the Stand-In Powder, which allows you to switch characters if one is defeated in battle. Dark Cloud 2 introduces specific Repair Powders for weapons, guns, and armbands. Ridepod Fuel is used to restore the Ridepod's energy.

Repair Powder is relatively common in both games, easily found as loot, in Treasure chests, or stolen from enemies. Other powders are a bit less common and more expensive as a result. In Dark Cloud 2, the prices of the various repair powders increase steadily as the game progresses, starting at 80 Gilda. These are the only items in the game that change price based on story progression.

In Dark Cloud, Revival Powder is not particularly rare, but the Resurrection Powder in Dark Cloud 2 is, only seen rarely in treasure chests or as a reward from the Fishing Contest, Finny Frenzy, or Spheda. Powerup and Level Up Powders are among rarest items in both games, only found in either back floor chests or miracle chests in Dark Cloud, or as a reward from the Fishing Contest, Finny Frenzy, or Spheda in Dark Cloud 2. Ridepod Fuel can be found in various breakable objects in dungeons, or purchased with Ridepod in the Gundorada Workshop.

Item dataEdit

Dark CloudEdit

Item Description Buy Sell
Auto Repair Powder Set as an active item. Auto-repairs weapons about to break. 200 100
Escape Powder Having this allows an escape from dungeon with command. 20 10
Powerup Powder Unconditionally power up weapon's grade. 500
Repair Powder Recovers WHP of weapons. 20 10
Revival Powder Revive from dying conditions. 100 50
Stand-in Powder Can change to ally when current character's exhausted. 50 25

Dark Cloud 2Edit

Item Description Carry Buy Sell Stats
Armband Repair Powder Powder that restores the WHP of armlet weapons. 20 80* 40 +2 Chill
Escape Powder Allows you to escape dungeons on command. 20 600 150 +2 Chill
Gun Repair Powder Powder that restores the WHP of projectile weapons. 20 80* 40 +2 Durable
Level Up Powder Instantly upgrades a weapon to the next level. 20 1000 +1 Attack
Repair Powder Restores the WHP of weapons.
Restores half of the Max WHP of Ridepod parts and 999 WHP for normal weapons.
20 80* 40 +2 Durable
Resurrection Powder Prevents unconsciousness when equipped. 3 500 +2 Durable
Ridepod Fuel Used it to refuel the Ridepod. 5 2000 EXP 100 +2 Flame


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