Poison Wrench

Wrench that can sting the enemy with poison.

— In-game description

The Poison Wrench is a weapon that Maximilian can obtain in Dark Cloud 2. It is the direct evolution of the Stinger Wrench.

It has the "Poison" ability : one of your attacks caused by this wrench has a chance cause "Poison" to the enemy, slowly reducing their health to 1 HP, without killing them.

It has the standard 5-hit combo, has quite good stats, but it will not inflict much damage to armoured enemies, because it lacks of Smash stat.

You can find the Poison Wrench in dungeons' chests or you can invent it. It cannot be bought anywhere.

This wrench is a medium-tier weapon (Tier 6) so it'll gain 4 Synthesis points (SP) per level-up. It has a WHP of 75

Inventing itEdit

In order to invent the Poison Wrench, you'll need the following ideas :

  • Deer Horn
  • Mushroom
  • Sulfur-Colored Juice

Build upEdit

Minimum requirements for build up
Weapon Poison Wrench (Start) to Sigma Breaker
Attack 80 91
Lightning 72 108
Cyclone 0 108
Beast 68 90
Scale 45 86
Enemies - - Sylph

- Star Tortoise


Type Min Max Type Min Max
Attack 80 125 Durable ? 81
Flame 0 125 Chill 0 125
Lightning 72 130 Cyclone 0 125
Smash 0 125 Exorcism 0 125
Beast 86 125 Scale 45 125

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