The Pocklekul

The Pocklekul is a weapon in both Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2.

Dark CloudEdit

In Dark Cloud, the Pocklekul is one of Ruby's weapons. Its a Tier 3 weapon that can be found in regular treasure chests, but it can also be built up from the Bandit's Ring. It can be built up to the Fairy's Ring when Magic is 65 and Wind is 15.

Its description reads "Bracelet that honors dwarf of forest."

Starting statsEdit

Attack: 35 Fire: 0 Dragon: 0 Beast: 0
Endurance: 40 Ice: 0 Undead: 0 Flying: 0
Speed: 69 Thunder: 0 Sea: 0 Steel: 0
Magic: 55 Wind: 10 Stone: 0 Mimic: 0
Holy: 20 Plant: 0 Mage: 0

Dark Cloud 2Edit

The Pocklekul is an armband that Monica can obtain in Dark Cloud 2. It is either built up from the Crystal Brassard or from the Thorn Armlet.

This weapon's ability varies depending on which armband it was built up from. It will have "Wealth" if the Poklekul was built up from the Crystal Brassard, or "ABS Up" and "Steal", because "Wealth" will get rid of the Thorn Armlet's "Poverty" ability. But if you buy the Pocklekul, you'll only have the "Wealth" ability, which will increase by 30% the amount of Gildas dropped by a defeated enemy.

Its in-game description reads "Magical armband made to honor the forest dwarves."

Because this weapon is an armband, it has the ability to be charged up. However, charging it takes several seconds, and can be interrupted if you are attacked, so it is best to only charge the armband when at a distance safe from attack.

The Pocklekul can be found in treasure chests or bought from Julia's Ringware for 860 Gildas once Chapter 5 has been reached.

This armband is a medium-tier weapon (Tier 5), so it will gain 4 Synthesis Points (SP) after every level-up.

Build upEdit

The Pockekul can be built up into the Athena's Armlet when the following stats are reached:

Attack: 80 Flame: 90 Exorcism: 90

It can also be built up into the Spirit Brassard when the following stats are reached:

Attack: 80 Cyclone 90 Beast: 90

And finally, it can be built up into the Moon Armlet when the following stats are reached:

Attack: 80 Chill: 90 Scale: 60


Starting stats (When bought or found)Edit

Weapon Hit Points 68 Synthesis Points 2
Attack 55 Durable 42
Flame 0 Chill 60
Lightning 0 Cyclone 60
Smash 0 Exorcism 35
Beast 0 Scale 0

Maximum statsEdit

Attack 110 Durable 72
Flame 110 Chill 110
Lightning 110 Cyclone 110
Smash 110 Exorcism 110
Beast 110 Scale 110

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