Pau as he appears in Dark Cloud 2

Pau is a recruitable character in Dark Cloud 2, found in Veniccio. If you give him a Carrot, he will join you. Pau first appears in Veniccio tending to Shingala's wound. When the common medicine he is using to tend to the wounds fails, he suggests that better medicine might be found in the Ocean's Roar Cave.

He is always trying not to let trouble come to the world, and he is nice to humans. He is also very attached to Shingala. Pau's rabbitlike appearance implies that he is a moon person, like those seen in the Starlight Temple.


  • Detects gate key monsters (they appear as flashing dots on the map)
  • Map display
  • Detects mimics (Speech warning and the player is given the option of whether or not they want to open the chest.)