A notebook to write down everyone's requests.

The Notebook is a key item used to list all the requests of recruitable characters in Dark Cloud 2. At first it's filled with question marks, though gradually gains new entries as you go out and talk to people. It shows whether or not you've completed a request as well.


Memo Character Details Solution
Gordon's Worries Gordon Gordon loves taking care of plants. He wants to cure his tree with Priest Bruno's Holy Water.

Gordon really loves looking after plants, eh?

Give Gordon some Holy Water, Priest Bruno sells it at the church.
Portrait of a Bride Parn Parn's painting of his ideal woman, Julia. He says it would come to life if he had some gold paint.

I just don't believe a painting can come to life.

Complete "Jurak's Branch" (Georama achievement) in Sindain, and get Gold Paint from the gold eggs in the nest at the top of the branch.
The Mark of Business Donny Donny wants to complete his coin collection. He only needs the Protector Coin and the Dark Coin...

I say Donny can do this himself.

Complete the "Item Shop Restored" (Georama achievement) in Sindain and buy the coins in the future, or find them in a treasure chest.
Castagnaccio Ferdinand Castagnaccio, the mystery snack. We know it uses chestnuts, but that's where we're stuck.

I wonder if Castagnaccio is any good?

Give Ferdinand a Roasted Chestnut, either found in a treasure chest or bought from an item shop in Sindain's future.
Curiosity Claire Claire refuses to come out. Show her something to make her want to, and she may change her mind.

Claire is incredibly curious, isn't she?

Take a picture of the Lafrescia Flower (stem or otherwise is fine) and have it stored on your camera when you talk to her.
Beautiful Orange Food Pau I think Pau is willing to cooperate with us. Now if we can find some food to boost his spirits...

I hate carrots! And green peppers too!

Once Shigura Village is saved, talk to Pau and give him a Carrot They can be bought in the future in Sindain, or from Fabio.
The Auction Stewart Stewart's hobby is reading. He wants to bid on an auctioned book, but he doesn't have enough money.

Is he even reading the book we worked so hard for?

Give Stewart a thousand Gilda, twice, he will return some of the total sum after having bought the book.
Dreaming I was Dreaming Adel Adel has lost her self-confidence because she can't make clothes. She needs Thick Hide, a Hunk of Copper, and Sturdy Cloth.

Seeing things through to the end makes people confident.

Bring her one Thick Hide, a Hunk of Copper and Sturdy Cloth. Can be found in treasure chests and bought from Morton's Sundries
Polly's Maid Aunt Polly Send some bread to Morton? Sounds easy enough. But something tells me there's more to it.

That Morton is so self-centered!

Get the bread from Polly, bring it to Morton in his shop, go out to his house ( the one with the pumpkins) and read the note telling him that the fondue night has been cancelled. Go back to Morton and tell him, then back to Polly. You can keep the Crunchy Bread (20 total) as a reward.
Palm Brinks: Mad Dash! Sheriff Blinkhorn Sheriff Blinkhorn doubts my strength. I've got to run fast to prove that I can cut it.

Can even Blinkhorn match this time?

Arguably one of the more difficult challenges. You have 2:01:00 minutes to run out to the boat on the dock and back to Blinkhorn. Do some practice runs, as the camera angles will work against you on this one, and every corner must be cut to hit that time.
Milane Knows Her Stuff Milane Milane is a swordmaster, so we should be worried about our own skill. We must show our strength.

I bet Monica and Milane would get along well.

Milane will give Monica a Gladius. You must bring her a Chopper or a Sand Breaker, either one you built up, or one you found in order for her to join you.
Getting Father's Approval Gerald I hate asking my dad a favor, but I need help from people. It should be easy to build up my gun levels.

I wonder if Dad will start to see me in a different light, now.

Give Gerald a Bell Trigger, a found or bought one will do, as well as upgrading the Trumpet Gun he gives you.
The Impossible Safe Mayor Need Mayor Need forgot the combo to the safe. If we don't do something, he won't be able to get his papers.

Is it really all right to leave the town to Morton?

The safe combination is 1221.
A Priest's Ordeal Priest Bruno Why is the church set up like this when you could just as well blow out all the candles?

What a setup for a church!

Facing Priest Bruno, put out the first candle on the left, the fourth candle on the right, the fifth candle on the left, and the last candle on the right.
The Non-Setting Moon Rufio Rufio has begun living in the park. He says he wants to always be looking at the moon.

Rufio might really have come from the moon after all.

Take a picture of the moon and talk to Rufio, make sure to have it saved in your Photo Album.
Catch Up, Then Pass Me Fabio Fabio just loves fishing. We'd never hear the end of it if he caught a really huge one.

What's the key to fishing? I'd love to know.

Go fishing with a battan, minon, mimi, Potato Cake or prickly in the Palm Brinks lake and catch a Nonky bigger than 60cm.
In the Winner's Circle Olivie Fish rancher Olivie has heard about the Finny Frenzy. Let's win it for her!

You really have to take extra special care of fish.

Win any Finny Frenzy race.
The Spheda Challenge Mena Mena isn't feeling very well, and the time distortion is to blame. Better reduce it somehow...

It's tough to beat 10 stages of Spheda.

You must talk to Mena as Monica. Mena can be found in town hall at various times throughout the day. Beat 10 stages of Spheda and she will join you. Stages beaten before you talked to her don't count.
Corinne's Hide-and-Seek Corinne Corinne calls herself a lucky girl. She might become our friend if we play hide-and-seek with her.

She may be cheeky, but she's still just a kid.

Corinne is located in Morton's house initially. Her first hiding place is in Claire's house, upstairs, at the end of the upper floor landing, and her second hiding place is in Max's bedroom, at the foot of his bed. Find her both times and she'll join your party.
Mind to Mind Granny Rosa Rosa is almost totally deaf. She might be our ally, if only she could hear us.

I think we should get her a hearing aid next time.

A text box will pop up, and you will need to copy the text in the box exactly. Do not forget the punctuation or it will be incorrect.

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