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Norune Village

Norune Village (known as Nolun Village in the PAL version, although some NPCs refer to it as Norune Village most likely left in the script by mistake) is a small village that is home to the main protagonist in the game Dark Cloud. Norune Village is a small village where 14 residents lived,the Divine Beast Dran resides and protects the village, Norune Village is North from Matataki Village.


Norune Village was once a very happy and peaceful village. The main protagonist of the game Toan, as was stated earlier, lives in the village and was raised there by his mother Renee. The Divine Beast Dran is the key feature to the village, and he resides in the dark and mysterious Divine Beast Cave.

In one of their many festivals, Norune Village members were gathering around a large bonfire dancing. All of a sudden things went in to complete and utter chaos when the terrible Dark Genie was summoned by strange dancers and a man named Flagg. The genie then completely destroyed the village, leaving everything in complete ruins. During the Genie's attack one of the town's windmills was about to fall on Paige, Toan's best friend. Toan ran to saved her but got killed in the process.He was later revived by Simba,the Fairy King. Simba told him that the Dark Genie has destroyed Norune village but he had sealed the village and it's inhabitants in the Atla to protect them from the attack, but they were scattered inside the Divine Beast Cave. He gives Toan the Green Atlamillia and sets him off on his journey. Toan then visits the Mayor, who was the only other person who wasn't sealed in Atla. The Mayor gives Toan the key to the Cave to find Dran The Protector Of Norune Village since his lair is inside the cave & explains to him what's happened to the village, Toan then travels inside the cave battling monsters & collecting Altas along the way he meets Xiao and Seda. Xiao was a stray cat wondering around the cave while Seda wanted Toan's atlamillia for his know needed suddenly Seda becomes possessed and began to fight with Toan, after the two duel Seda gives Toan a potion to change Xiao into a Neko cat(Half-human half-cat)and decides that Toan is the rightful owner to the Atlamillia & leaves the cave.After rebuilding the town Toan fights Dran, who was under the Genie's spell. Toan wins and Dran gives him a map that lets him teleport to places marked on it. Toan then leaves to go to Matataki Village. After defeating the Genie, Toan and a re-citified Xiao travel back to the time of the Festival, the town now safe from attack.


Macho's House: Macho, Komacho, Annex Room, Barbell, Fence, Lamp.

  • Request: To be near a place where they can fight. Place the house near the entrance of the Divine Beast Cave.
  • Reward: A Stone Breaker attachment that belonged to Macho.

Toan's House: Renee, Stray Cat, Llama, Chimney, Keg, Upstairs Storage

  • Request: Renee wants to see the sunrise in the morning. Make the house face the east.
  • Reward: Xiao appears in the house. Give her the Changing Potion that Seda gave you to have her join you.

Paige's House: Paige, Pike, Fence, Lamp, Cabin, Wheels

  • Request: Pike loves fishing. Plonk the house down next to the pond
  • Reward: Paige will give Toan a new Pocket that will increase his item capacity by 10 when used.

Alnet's House: Alnet, Carl, Llama, Lamp, Cabin, Stairway

  • Request: Alnet does not like the Macho brothers. Put her house far away from them.
  • Reward: The Fishing Rod that Pike gave her, much to the annoyance of Carl.

Claude's House: Claude, Candy Box, Bench, Lamp, Cabin, Fence

  • Request: Claude loves the smell of Alnet's cooking. Place his house near hers.
  • Reward: Claude's reward will differ depending on the time off day. In the morning, he will give you a piece of Candy. In the afternoon, he will be sleeping and so you must return at a different time. At night, he is taking a bath and will give you a wedge of Cheese and some Soap. He will also offer for you to join him, which Toan declines without hesitation.

Laura's House: Auntie Laura, Gina, Annex Room, Fence, Lamp, Tricycle

  • Request: The Mayor's tinkering keeps Laura up at night. Place the house away from the Mayor's house
  • Reward: Gina will be grateful and gives Toan a Dran's Feather.

Gaffer's Buggy: Gaffer, Sign, Supplies, Lamp

  • Request: Gaffer needs customers to stay in business. Put him near a group of houses.
  • Reward: Gaffer will open his shop for you, but will hurt his back putting his sign up and so his stock will be limited. However, if you have placed Paige's house with Pike in it then Pike will put the sign up for him, giving you more items to buy.

Hag's House: Hag, Jar, Bench, Fence, Cabin, Lamp

  • Request: The Hag has two requests. To face the windmill's blades and for you to save Dran. Both these requests must be achieved for her to be satisfied.
  • Reward: The Hag will let Toan store items in her large storage cupboard.

Dran's Windmill: Dran's Blades, Dran's Horn, Sign, Torch

  • Reward: The key to the boss chamber in the Divine Beast Cave will appear inside the windmill

Windmill 1, 2 and 3: Windmill Vanes, Ladder


  1. Fishing Pond
  2. Road
  3. River
  4. Bridge
  5. Tree
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