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Muska Lacka


Other Names:
The Sand Village
Known For:
The Sand Warriors
The Sun & Moon Temple
1 Shop

1 Prison
3 Totems
1 Temple
3 Totems
7 Houses

1 Oasis
Mayor Of The Village:
Chief Bonka
Sun & Moon Temple
West Of Matataki Village
Destroyed (Formerly)
Restore (Currently)

Muska Lacka (also referred to as Muska Racka) is a desert village where the sand warriors lived and the fifth village visited by Toan. Just outside the town is the Sun/Moon Temple, which contains a ship capable of traveling to the moon. There is a fixed house on the far side of the Desert that seems to be empty, but considering that Ungaga is the only one left after the Dark Genie attacks, it is likely his. Their immortal enemies are "The Scorpions" who they have been in war with for years.


The Requests for Muska Lacka all revolve around the Totem Poles A, B, and C. You must place each house so that the miniature Totem Pole in front of it is facing the same face on the large Totem Pole. For example, if you have three houses with totem poles that are the shapes of X, O, and D, you must place them so that the X on the large totem pole is facing the front of the house with the miniature X totem pole, the O to the O, and the D to the D. As such, the requests for each house will be skipped unless there is a request in addition to this scheme.

Totem Pole A: Totem Pole 2nd Head, Totem Pole 3rd Head

  • Request: Place the Prison, the Chief's House, and Toto's House around this pole.

Totem Pole B: Totem Pole 2nd Head, Totem Pole 3rd Head

  • Request: Place the Three Sisters' House, the Brooke's House, and Zabo's House around this pole.

Totem Pole C: Totem Pole 2nd Head, Totem Pole 3rd Head

  • Request: Place Enga's House, Jibubu's House, and the empty house around this pole.

Jibubu's House: Cabin, Stairway, Mini Totem Pole, Hay, Jibubu

  • Reward: He will give you a Fruit of Eden. If you have the Foundation and have already either completed Muska Lacka 100% or defeated the King’s Curse, you can trade it to him at night and he will give you a Clay Doll.

Brooke’s House: Mini Totem Pole, Hay, Cabin, Brooke

  • Reward: He will tell you about Toan's Father and give you an Attack +3 Weapon Attachment. You can also shop at his house.

3 Sisters' House: Mini Totem Pole, Cabin, Odds and Ends, Nagita, Devia, Mikara

  • Request: Mikara would like the house near to the Oasis so that she doesn't have to go so far to wash her clothes.
  • Reward: After a brief scene retelling Ungaga's and Mikara's past, Ungaga will get over his depression and join the party. Theo also goes back to Brownboo Village in the scene that follows.

Enga's House: Stairway, Stairway Roof, Mini Totem Pole, Roof, Hay, Enga.

  • Reward: Enga will give you an Antique Sword and allow you to store things in his house. After completing the Chief's House and activating the scene, he will give you the Sun Signet.

Zabo's House: Mini Totem Pole, Roof, Hay, Odds and Ends, Zabo

  • Reward: He will tell you about the pride of the Sand Warriors and give you a Double Impact slingshot for Xiao. After completing the Chief's House and activating the scene, he will give you the Moon Signet.

Prisoner's Cabin: Mini Totem Pole, Stairway, Sign, Gron

  • Request: Gron would like to see the sun rise every morning, so place him facing east.
  • Reward: After a bit of mocking on Gron's part, saying that Ungaga has to keep him locked up as a hostage, Ungaga rips off the bars to the cell and scares the prisoner into silence.

Toto's House: Mini Totem Pole, Odds and Ends, Handle, Toto, Gosuke

  • Reward: After a dramatic sequence revealing who Gosuke really is, Toto gives Toan the Sun Sword that was inside Gosuke.

Chief's House: Mini Totem Pole, Cabin, Cabin, Chief Bonka

  • Request: Bonka would like to be near the entrance to the Sun and Moon Temple.
  • Reward: If you activate the sequence at night, she will tell you about the dangers of the Sun and Moon Temple, but give permission to get the Sun and Moon Signets from Enga and Zabo, respectively. After fulfilling everyone's requests, she will give Ungaga the Mirage and Toan a Diamond!

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