The Mummy is a monster encountered in Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2, found in Sun and Moon Temple and Starlight Canyon's star path, respectively.

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Battle TacticsEdit

Dark CloudEdit

The Mummy is a fairly simple enemy, it is very weak and easily goes down. Like the Skeleton Soldier, it can sometimes revive itself when defeated with low health. It uses one of its bandages as a whip to attack you, sometimes causing the curse status effect.

Dark Cloud 2Edit

The Mummy can cause some trouble. It has two attacks: it'll either attack you at close range, or when away from you, it'll split poison at you. Both attacks can be blocked, but avoid being poisoned, especially when surrounded. To defeat it, any weapon will kill it without trouble, but Max's beam guns are most effective.

Monster NotesEdit

Dark CloudEdit

Dark Cloud Mummy Mummy
Habitat Sun and Moon Temple Demon Shaft
Fire Zone
Type Undead Undead
Hit Points 150 1500
ABS 4 10
Defend No No
Weakness Holy Holy
Steal None None

Dark Cloud 2Edit

Dark Cloud 2 Mummy Bundy Ghoul Revenant
Habitat Starlight Canyon
Star Path
Moonflower Palace Zelmite Mine Zelmite Mine
Type Undead Undead Undead Undead
Hit Points 560 820 3800 8000
Attack/Defense 71/57 94/60 132/90 152/105
ABS/Gilda 112/114 164/112 240/150 400/85
Weakness Flame (200%) Flame (200%)
Exorcism (200%)
Flame (200%)
Lightning (150%)
Exorcism (200%)
Effective Weapons Beam (150%) Beam (150%) Beam (150%) None
Ineffective Weapons None None Gun (50%) None
Item Inventory Stone
Holy Crystal
Holy Crystal
Holy Crystal
Holy Crystal

Variation GalleryEdit

Dark CloudEdit

Dark Cloud 2Edit

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Monsters in Dark Cloud 2

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