Mr. Mustache is a character in Dark Cloud. He is an owl, and the owner of the Wise Owl Shop in Matataki Village. He likes water, which reminds him of home Paco Forest, so it is necessary to place him near the waterfall and surround his house with water.

Mr. Mustache is a shrewd businessman, and the sole stockist of the Wise Owl Sword, the earliest and perhaps easiest sword to build up to the ultimate Chronicle Sword over time. Despite Toan's favor of rebuilding his house, he still charges 2500 Gilda for this weapon, a veritable bargain in his eyes but a rather large amount at this point of the game.

Mr. Mustache stated that a lot of people think he's from Wise Owl Forest, but he's not. He said his feathers are a different color from the owls in Wise Owl Forest.Most of the villagers think he has his items on sale for too much money but since it's the only shop in the village they have no choice but to buy from there.

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