The Moon People are characters in the Dark Cloud series. They are short rabbit people, and harbor suspicion towards humans. They dress in robes, usually with the hood up so that only their glowing eyes can be seen beneath, much like a Black Mage from the Final Fantasy video game series. Their true faces are first revealed when Theo of Brownboo Village removes his hood while watching the Moon Ship sailing to the Yellow Moon.


Moon people originate from Yellow Drops, on the Yellow Moon. However, they have also settled in Blue Terra and some live among humans, with their highest concentration being Brownboo Village. It is possible that they also lived near Muska Lacka due to their connection to the Sun & Moon Temple.

One side effect of their emigration from the moon appears to be the loss of their powerful magic, notably the power of resealing the Dark Genie.

Notable Moon PeopleEdit

  • Theo, Toan's guide to the Moon Ship and motivator of Ungaga.
  • Osmond, the Moon People's inventor and creator of the Sun Giant in Dark Cloud and Ixion in Dark Cloud 2.
  • Pau, who found the lost Shingala. He can also see the future.
  • Sirus, Griffon's past self before he controlled the Yellow Atlamillia.
  • Rufio, a recruitable Moon Person who lives in Palm Brinks.


  • The Moon People's resemblance to rabbits is possibly due to the Japanese tradition of a mochi-pounding rabbit living in the moon, compared to the Western man-in-the-moon.
  • Their robes from BrownBoo Village are different from the ones in Yellow Drops.