Mirage is a spear weapon in Dark Cloud. It can be used by Ungaga. It is obtained from Chief Bonka after completing 100% of Muska Lacka's Georama. It can also be found in Dungeon Treasure chests, or Built Up from the Scorpion.


Dark Cloud weapon stats and build-up information
Min. WHp At Ed Sp Mp Fi Ic Th Wi Ho
72 63 45 77 10 45 0 0 20 0
Dr Un Ma Ro Pl Be Sk Me Mi Mg
16 16 16 0 0 16 16 16 0 0
Max. WHp At Ed Sp Mp Fi Ic Th Wi Ho
Dr Un Ma Ro Pl Be Sk Me Mi Mg

Build UpEdit

Mirage can be Built Up into Hercules' Wrath after it gains the following stats:

Hercules' Wrath
Basic Stats Elemental Stats Anti-Monster Stats
Attack 110 Fire 0 Dragon 24 Beast 45
Endurance 70 Ice 0 Undead 24 Sky 24
Speed 99 Thunder 24 Marine 24 Metal 24
Magic 20 Wind 28 Rock 0 Mimic 0
Holy 54 Plant 0 Mage 0

Ungaga's weapons in Dark Cloud

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