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Mimic 1

The Mimic is a monster taking the form of a treasure chest from both Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2. It is found in every dungeon, and proves difficult to kill as it has a tendency to blunt weapons and HP with equal ease. In the first game, Mimics are a separate type of monster and have their own anti-monster attachment (the Mimic Breaker). In both games, it is normally found by opening a seemingly harmless treasure chest, only to reveal this monster suddenly attack the player.

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Battle TacticsEdit

Dark CloudEdit

Mimic appears in every dungeon, and looks like a normal treasure chest until opened, which is identified by the distinct laugh it makes. It pursues relentlessly with a distinctive banging noise as it flops around.

Dark Cloud 2Edit

In this game mimic also appears in every dungeon. It acts exactly the same. However, in this game there is one advantage over them. The character Pau can detect mimics before they strike. Each dungeon has a "mimic grace period". For the first few levels of the dungeon, there will be no mimics at all. After these few levels, generally marked by a special story event, mimics will begin attacking from treasure chests. This pattern is well exemplified in the Rainbow Butterfly Wood dungeon. Until you reach the Mardan Garayan swamp you'll find no mimics in any level, but afterwards you'll find mimics in every level. Late in the game, a few levels will be specialized to have no mimics, and some will have mimics as the only enemy to be found. This occurs several times in the Zelmite mine, and one level of Mount Gundor features only Mimics.

These monsters are quite dangerous, and very sporadic. They have a high resistance to most weapons, and therefore take a long time to defeat in the later chapters. They can be dominated upon with a high smash and flame stat, but overall it is difficult as almost none of the weapons are especially effective.

The Mimic has two attacks: The first is where it lunges forward at the player and tries to bite them. This attack cannot pierce defense, but if the player gets hit by it, they will take massive damage and have a chance of getting poisoned. The second attack is a high jump that acts as a stomp of some sort. The Mimic attempts to land on the player. It is tricky to dodge, but it can be blocked safely. The Mimic rarely resorts to using this technique since most encounters with them are within melee range.

Generally, the best way to deal with Mimics is to constantly be on guard and alert, and make sure to attack quickly and block quickly. Fire stones work well against this monster if they are available, and a beam weapon is recommended. Pack some antidote amulets and drinks if possible. Just be alert and ready, and you'll be fine.

Monster NotesEdit

Dark CloudEdit

Dark Cloud Mimic
Habitat Divine Beast Cave
Type Mimic
Hit Points ~70
Defend Yes
Weakness Mimic Breaker
Steal N/A

Dark Cloud 2Edit

Dark Cloud 2 Mimic Mimic Mimic Mimic Mimic
Habitat Underground Channel Rainbow Butterfly Wood Starlight Canyon Ocean's Roar Cave Mount Gundor
Type Magical Creature Magical Creature Magical Creature Magical Creature Magical Creature
Hit Points 80 120 300 350 460
Attack/Defense 9/2 19/10 28/18 45/35 51/45
ABS/Gilda 8/9 10/18 20/27 30/40 92/51
Weakness Flame (150%), Smash (250%) Flame (150%), Smash (250%) Lightning (150%), Smash (250%) Chill (150%), Smash (250%) Chill (150%), Smash (250%)
Effective Weapons Beam (150%) Beam (150%) Beam (150%) Beam (150%) Beam (150%)
Ineffective Weapons Gun (50%) Gun (50%) Gun (50%) Gun (50%) Gun (50%)
Item Inventory Destruction Crystal Mimi Battan, Rolling Log None Petite Fish
Dark Cloud 2 Mimic Mimic Mimic Mimic
Habitat Rainbow Butterfly Wood Star Path Starlight Canyon Star Path Ocean's Roar Cave Star Path Mount Gundor Star Path
Type Magical Creature Magical Creature Magical Creature Magical Creature
Hit Points 650 650 800 650
Attack/Defense 74/58 76/62 76/57 76/58
ABS/Gilda 130/68 130/68 130/68 130/68
Weakness Flame (150%), Smash (250%) Lightning (150%), Smash (250%) Smash (250%) None
Effective Weapons Beam (150%) Beam (150%) Beam (150%) Beam (150%)
Ineffective Weapons Gun (50%) Gun (50%) Gun (50%) Gun (50%)
Item Inventory None None None Stone, Destruction Crystal, Sturdy Rock (?)
Dark Cloud 2 Mimic Mimic Mimic
Habitat Moon Flower Palace Zelmite Mine Zelmite Mine Depths
Type Magical Creature Magical Creature Magical Creature
Hit Points 1350 3600 7900
Attack/Defense 107/73 132/93 152/105
ABS/Gilda 100/68 240/50 360/99
Weakness Smash (250%) Smash (250%) Smash (250%)
Effective Weapons Beam (150%) Beam (150%) Beam (150%)
Ineffective Weapons Gun (50%) Gun (50%) Gun (50%)
Item Inventory None None None

Variation GalleryEdit

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