Milane's Weapon Shop (Sign)

Milane's Weapon Shop sign.

The Milane's Weapon Shop is a shop found in Dark Cloud 2.

This weapon shop, located in Palm Brinks, is being run by Milane, the proprietress, who is first seen in the Prologue, in Flotsam's circus. Being a swordmaster, Milane eventually tests Monica about her skills with swords.

This weapon shop mainly sells melee weapons and ranged weapons for Max and Monica, but it also sells recovery items for weapons (Powders), but it'll also sell clothes for the two characters.

Milane runs her weapon shop, but when she joins the party, her sister, Myrene runs the shop while Milane isn't here.


  • Gold Store
  • Iron Maiden
  • Light
  • Shield
  • Show Window
  • Weapon

Max's Ideas ResearchEdit

Monica's Monster ResearchEdit


Weapon Shop\Weapon Shop ClerkEdit

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