Mena is a recuitable character from Dark Cloud 2. She can be found in Palm Brinks town hall, and once Spheda becomes unlocked she starts complaining of an illness, quickly diagnosed by Monica as caused by time distortions. Fixing ten of these will improve her health, and she'll then join.

Her in-game description reads : "Lives in Palm Brinks. Interested in fashion." When photographed and when joining the party, her name reads Mina. However, in the Notebook, her name is listed as Mena.

Note: She will only mention her sickness and the associated conversations to Monica. She is shy and really kind to others.


Mena is somewhat plain, with an aged appearance that may be caused by her sickness. She has purple-ish hair.


  • Cures (heals fully)
  • Will sell you clothes for Monica


  • Skill Points : 64
  • Cure : Uses 64 Skill Points. When you use this skill, Mena will entirely heal Max and Monica, thus entirely restoring their health. Using this skill in a floor level with a No-Healing Medal WON'T prevent you from obtaining the No-Healing Medal.

Mena's ApparelEdit

  • Pumpkin Shorts : 200 Gildas
  • Striped Dress : 250 Gildas
  • Star Leotard : 600 Gildas (Available at Chapter 8)
  • Knight Boots : 200 Gildas
  • Metal Boots : 240 Gildas (Available at Chapter 4)
  • Wing Boots : 260 Gildas (Available at Chapter 5)
  • Spike Boots : 260 Gildas (Available at Chapter 7)

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