Medals are a type of currency in Dark Cloud 2. They are acquired by completing certain conditions specific to each dungeon floor (Boss floors do not award medals). Medals are stored in the Medal Holder inventory item. They can be exchanged for unique clothing items from Mayor Need.

Each dungeon floor includes three or all of the following conditions:

(displayed position)
Condition Notes
Top Time Limit Medal (icon) Time Limit Defeat all enemies of a dungeon floor in the allotted time.
Mddle Fish Goal Medal (icon) Fish Goal
   and / or
Spheda Medal (icon) Spheda
Catch a fish that meets or exceeds the specified size.
   and / or
Win the Spheda minigame by repairing the time distortion.
Bottom Cleared Medal (icon) Attack and defeat
Cleared Medal (icon) Finish Without Healing
Defeat all enemies using a specific method of attack (i.e. Max's Right-Hand Weapon, Max's Gun, Ridepod, Monica's Sword, Monica's Armband, Monster Transformation, or Items).
Awarded after using the Gate key, if floor was cleared without healing.

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