Mayor Need

The Mayor of Palm Brinks. He can be a bit flaky.

Mayor Need is the Mayor of Palm Brinks in Dark Cloud 2. He is a support characters that can be added to the party. Mayor Need is the father of Claire, and a good friend of Cedric.

Personality Edit

Mayor Need is a bit of a coward and is easily scared into doing things, such as looking for the Red Atlamillia, but he can also be brave, as he knows Max has it, but does not tell Flotsam.


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Mayor Need can be added to the party after telling him the combination to his safe: 1221.


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  • Increase money after defeating enemies
This ability increases Gilda gain by 30% after defeating enemies. It will also stack with the "Wealth" ability to increase Gilda gain by 60%.
  • Exchange medals

Need's Medal ExchangeEdit

Mayor Need offers unique items in exchange for Medals. Medals can be earned by completing special conditions in dungeons.

Item Price Notes
Clown Suit 55 Medals
Clown Hat 40 Medals
Clown Shoes 40 Medals Can be invented and created.
Princess Dress 60 Medals
Panther Ensemble 65 Medals
Princess Orb 40 Medals
Kitty Bell 45 Medals
Princess Boots 40 Medals Can be invented and created.
Panther Boots 50 Medals Can be invented and created.
Name-Change Ticket 40 Medals