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Matataki Village

Matataki Village is a village south of Norune Village, It is the home of hunters, their trademark is wearing animal skin under their clothing. They are 13 residents living in Matataki village. The village is surrounded by Wise Owl Forest where vicious beast & monsters lived (such as The Killer Snake) .Treant the fairy tree is the guardian of Matataki Village looking after the village and villagers. Matataki Village is the second town in Dark Cloud. Toan arrives here after rebuilding his Norune Village and saving Dran who recommends going to Treant for help, only to find that the village has been destroyed by the Dark Genie.

Goro's TreehouseEdit

Goro House

Goro's lovely treehouse

This is where Toan goes immediately after being spotted by Goro. Toan follows him and beats him in a Duel, Goro having challenged him due to thinking that Toan was the one who destroyed the village. Upon defeat, Goro yields the Hunter's Earrings, though Toan has no use for them at the time.

Later, Toan comes back to give Goro a Bone Pendant that he received upon dueling the Killer Snake. Goro immediately realizes that it is his father, Fudoh's. After a brief talk between the dead father's will and son, Goro joins the party.


Cacao's House: Cabin, Cacao, Laundry, Sign, Stairway, Torch

  • Request: Cacao would like to be surrounded by all five trees.
  • Reward: After playing a song to you on his guitar, Cacao tells you about the man it was about; Fudoh, the mighty warrior. He then gives you the Odd Tone Flute, the key to summoning the Killer Snake.

Baron's House: Ancient Baron, Branch, Roof, Sign, Torch

  • Request: Baron would like to hear the rushing of water... but he is quite deaf, so it would be best to put him near the waterfall.
  • Reward: After telling you about the history of Matataki Village and himself, he will give you a Gourd.

Pao's House: Laundry, Pao, Sign, Stairway, Torch

  • Request: Pao would like to be placed near to Peanut Pond, the one near Wise Owl Forest.
  • Reward: After a good meal, Pao gives you a Fruit of Eden.

Mushroom House: Annie, Balcony, Ro, Second Floor, Sign, Torch

  • Request: The couple would like a nice view from their Balcony, so place them on one of the Earths.
  • Reward: After a short scene, Ro will give you the Moon grass seed.

Bunbuku's House: Bunbuku, Cabin, Kululu, Sign, Stairway, Torch

  • Request: Bunbuku would like to be near a watermill so that he can do his laundry.
  • Reward: If you kept the Candy from either Claude or Couscous, Bunbuku will trade it for an Ointment Leaf.

Wise Owl Shop: Entrance, Mr. Mustache, Sign, Torch, Wise Owl Entrance

  • Request: Due to where Mr. Mustache came from, he would like to be placed somewhere surrounded by river.
  • Reward: Mr. Mustache will set up shop, and give you the Wise Owl Sword! ...For 3000 Gilda. All right, fine, 2500. No lower!

Gob's House: Bone, Gob, Sign, Torch, Tree

  • Request: He would like to be placed near to where Momo lives.
  • Reward: After a manly meal which Toan can hardly eat, Gob gives him the leftovers, a Frozen Tuna!

Kye&Momo's House: Cabin, Kye, Momo, Sign, Stairway, Torch

  • Request: Momo would like to be placed near Wise Owl Shop. Kye does too, as evidenced by what he starts to sing when Toan asks him...
  • Reward: After a brief scene, Momo will give you a Plant Buster attachment.

Couscous' House: Couscous, Grass, Sign, Torch

  • Request: He would like to be placed on one of the Earths.
  • Reward: He will give you either a Candy, Fire or Ice Attachment, or a Turtle Shell. You can also store things in the... grass he sits on...

Well x3: Bucket, Roof, Stairway, Torch

Watermill x3: Torch, Waterwheel

Earth A

Earth B


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