Mardan Sword

The Mardan Sword and Mardan Eins are weapons in Dark Cloud 2 and Dark Cloud, respectively.

Mardan EinsEdit

Sword dwelled in by Lucky MardanGarayan.

In Dark Cloud, the Mardan Eins can be used by Toan after exchanging 2500 Fishing Points for it (after having caught at least one Mardan Garayan). It Builds Up to the Mardan Twei, and can only be Built Up by catching Mardan Garayans (or Baron Garayans).


Mardan Sword
Basic Stats Elemental Stats Anti-Monster Stats
Attack 50 Fire 5 Dragon 10 Beast 0
Endurance 50 Ice 5 Undead 8 Sky 0
Speed 50 Thunder 5 Marine 10 Metal 0
Magic 50 Wind 5 Rock 10 Mimic 10
Holy 5 Plant 0 Mage 0

Mardan SwordEdit

Might contain the spirit of Mardan Garayan.

In Dark Cloud 2, the Mardan Sword can be used by Monica. It is a low-tier weapon (Tier 3) with a 6-hit combo, and gains 3 SP (Synthesis Points) per level-up. The Mardan Sword can only be obtained as a reward for winning the Beginner class Finny Frenzy race.

The Mardan Sword can be built up into the Garayan Sword after it gains the following stats:

  • Attack: 48
  • Chill: 45
  • Cyclone: 45
  • Scale: 54


Stat Default Max.
Weapon Hit Points 48 -
Synthesis Points 1 -
Attack 21 53
Durable 25 53
Flame 0 53
Chill 0 53
Lightning 0 53
Cyclone 0 53
Smash 0 45
Exorcism 0 45
Beast 0 45
Scale 0 60

Toan's weapons in Dark Cloud
Monica's melee weapons in Dark Cloud 2

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