The Mardan Garayan is a type of fish in the Dark Cloud series. It can only be caught with a Poison Apple.

Dark CloudEdit

In Dark Cloud, the Mardan Garayan can be caught at dusk from the Matataki Village Waterfall or more commonly from Muska Lacka Oasis. Mardan Garayans generally give between 150-500 FP.

Catching a Mardan Garayan unlocks the option to purchase the Mardan Eins sword for 2500 FP. Mardan Garayans have the ability to reveal the type of trap associated with Large Chests, eliminating the need for keys (or guessing).

Fishing requirements:

Dark Cloud 2Edit

In Dark Cloud 2, the Mardan Garayan can be caught from 6:00 PM - 8:00 AM at Fish Monster Swamp or Cave of Ancient Murals. They generally give between 200-500 FP. Mardan Garayan is a relative of the plot character, King Mardan.

Fishing requirements:


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