Linda is Flotsam's elephant, who is used to perform in Flotsam's Circus Troupe. She is first seen in the beginning of Dark Cloud 2, and later fought by Maximillian in the Underground Channel Pump Room. With the help of Cedric, Linda becomes the first enemy fought using the Ridepod, after Max struggles to fight her using only his wrench and gun.

Linda resembles an Indian elephant, being covered in blue body marks and with a silk blanket placed over her back. Linda has tiny red eyes and a nose ring placed inside her trunk. She also has golden marks across her tusks. What the player can see, by her hideous appearance and evil glare, is that she loves to stir up trouble. Linda loves to be the one in the spotlight and basks in her adoration after a grueling night performing for hundreds of people.

Linda is a boss variation of the Elfas, a regular monster encountered in the Starlight Canyon. Unlike most other monsters' boss variations, the Elfas is fought by the player later in the game after defeating its first boss variation. The Elfas behaves exactly the same as Linda, but does not retain its immunity to all other weapons besides the Ridepod.

Battle TacticsEdit

When first encountered, there is nothing you can do. All weapons besides the Ridepod deal no damage to Linda. Simply keep your distance and try to ride out the battle until a cutscene appears. The cutscene will allow you to escape and help Cedric build the Ridepod's Energy Pack.

After completing and obtaining the Ridepod, it is time to fight Linda. The Cannon Ball Arm takes approximately half a second to land a hit on Linda, so time your movement to suit her attacks. As soon as you see the damage occur on Linda, you'll want to move back. Let Linda try her attacks, simply avoid and counter them.

Linda has two attacks, both being equally dangerous. The first is a double swipe using her trunk. The second attack is a stomp with her front legs. The double swipe is faster, while the stomp deals high damage and causes knockback.

Monster NotesEdit

Dark Cloud 2 Linda
Habitat Underground Channel
Type Beast
Hit Points 400
Attack/Defense 13/15
ABS/Gilda 0/0
Weakness None
Effective Weapons None
Ineffective Weapons Wrench (0%), Sword (0%), Gun (0%), Beam (0%), Grenade (0%), Magic (0%)
Item Inventory None


  • To get the scoop Brave Little Linda, the picture must be taken as her front legs are being lifted. This is triggered by running behind her, but leaving a small window of opportunity to take a snapshot. Make sure Max is facing towards her when you open the camera and you should have enough time to take the photo.
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