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(Scan) Ice Queen La Saia

La Saia was the queen of Queens in the time it was a Kingdom in Dark Cloud. At only eighteen years old, she ascended to the throne. While queen, she met a merchant named Rando and both fell madly in love with one another. They could only meet secretly, though, as the idea of the queen and a commoner would outrage the people and the officials. One evening, they planned to marry in secret. The night of the wedding, La Saia arrived at the church and waited. Rando never came. Queen La Saia had been left at the altar. Heartbroken and despairing, La Saia threw herself from the pier into the sea. When the people of the kingdom heard news of La Saia's death, the mourning people sunk the queen's favorite royal ship in her honor. The ship rotted there for ages. 

The merchants of Queens began to use it for a warehouse, but soon, upon the awakening of the Dark Genie, the ship began to overflow with evil beasts. Many decades later, Toan, the hero of Dark Cloud, with the help of his party, especially Ruby, would clear the Shipwreck of monsters to fight against the bitter, iced soul of Queen La Saia. When she is defeated and collapses to the ground, asking herself why her bitterness goes on more upset as well as Rando appears and explains his absence at the altar and his reasons for taking the Moon Orb. He then breaks the orb that had been keeping him and La Saia alive in torment. They then depart together into the after life happy and together again.


The Ice Queen La Saia is commonly picked as the hardest story boss in the first game, with good reason.


  • Guided Ice Ball: This is the most common attack you will see in this battle. La Saia will send a ball of ice at you that will follow you and freeze you on contact. Causes minimal damage.
  • Giant Ice Block: This is the next most common move. When La Saia has Succesfully frozen a member of your party, she will then drop a giant ice block on your head, dealing massive damage.
  • Ice Whirlwind: When La Saia is attacked in close range by Goro or Toan, she will cause a massive whirlwind to spring forth and knock you down. Causes moderate damage.
  • Mini Whirlwinds: These whirlwinds just spring up randomly all over the battle field. They knock you down and cause moderate damage.

To add to these attacks, the Ice Queen also has a shield around her to start off with. The shield has 100 HP, and can be attacked by Toan, Goro and Xiao.

After the shield is down, you must attack with Ruby, as the other characters have no effect on La Saia, La Saia has approximately 1000 HP. You should either follow up as quickly as you can after Ruby's first attack, or simply immediately switch to a physical attacker after your first hit, because as soon as Ruby gets in her first hit La Saia will raise her shield again.

It is highly recomended to use stamina drink in this battle so that you do not get frozen.

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